About Us

Company History

Dikwangkwetla Travel and Tourism is a subsidiary of Lehulere and Sons PTY (LTD), a transport and logistics company which was founded officially in 2012 and has grown from just 1 passage carrier to a fleet of 5 passenger carriers and 1 luxury executive salon. 

The parent company has had its roots in the taxi industry and private transport hiring services and has recently branched into the tourism and hospitality industry.

What we do

Dikwangkwetla travel and tours specialises in the tourism and hospitality industry as well as transportation 24 hours a day.  The company boasts a fleet of 6 cars to hire for general commuting needs as well as game drives and tours for the locals and tourist.


Mission Statement

Dikwangkwetla is dedicated to providing a premium experience to local and international tourists with a safe and reliable fleet of passenger carriers and luxury cars.  The company has a staff of experienced drivers to deliver a safe and unforgettable experience for local commutes and tourist adventures around the country 24 hours a day.


The company seeks to be the fastest growing company in the tourism industry, not only regionally but also nationally.  The company plans to expand its fleet to coaches and eventually to dominate the hotel and hospitality industry as well.

Goals & Objectives

The company plans to expand its fleet to cater for every type of customer imaginable with coaches, luxury sedans and Sport utility vehicles

Core Values

Dikwangkwetla prides itself on never compromising on honesty, diligence and excellence.  Exceptional customer service and support has and will always be the driving force behind the company.  The customer comes 1st and DIKWANGKWETLA, 24 hours a day.

Management and Ownership

Ownership Structure


Ownership Structure

DIKWANGKWETLA TRAVEL AND TOURS is a subsidiary of LEHULERE AND SONS (PTY) LTD which is an equally owned family company with 4 stakeholders.  Each stakeholder owns 25% out of 100 shares of the company.  Each of the 4 stakeholders plays a pivotal role in the day to day operations of the company.

Business & Leadership Skills

The family has been in the transport business consistently for over two decades and Dikwangkwetla brings all that experience and expertise into the tourism industry which is more valuable than anything to the company.  The family collectively brings what they have learned from the transport industry into this new subsidiary of the parent company.