There’s no fun quite like the fun you can have at a water park. One minute, you’re taking a dip in the pool and the next, you’re hurtling to the ground in a tube. It really is the most unique way to enjoy yourself. So with Happy Island Waterworld opening its doors this month, the summer of 2019 has the potential to go off the chain!

Users of the Gravity Loop slide can reach speeds of up to 60km/h

Located just north of Johannesburg, this state-of-the-art aqua adventure officially went live in the new year. Scores of people have already had a blast at Mzansi’s largest water park, and it’s easy to see why. We’ve put together a fun guide on the place, complete with pictures and all the key details. Hell, you could call this a “slide-show”.


Experience the thrill of being up-close & personal to these magnificent giants and witness their intelligence, their compassionate nature and sheer delight interacting with their human counterparts. The interaction with the elephant offers you the opportunity to touch, feel, feed & walk with elephants. In addition to interacting with the elephants you can embark on a 1 hour elephant backed safari, bush walk or spend time swimming with these gentle giants.


A visit to Maropeng takes you into a tumulus with a 4-billion year journey on an underground lake, through the element forces -water, air, fire and earth-dipping through waterfalls and icebergs into the eye of a storm, past erupting volcanoes and through the depths of earth to the beginning of the world, incorporating an underground extensive display which immerses visitors in touching, hearing, feeling, seeing and experiencing the unique history of humankind.


Egoli, meaning “Place Of Gold” is the African name for Johannesburg. The city displays a unique cultural and social history teeming with excitement. The basic principle behind Apartheid was simple – segregate everything. Their liberation in 1994 with the election of Nelson Mandela, the prisoner who became president. Today, segregation is exactly where it belongs – in a museum! The Apartheid Museum communicates this by using the dark images, sounds and atmosphere prevalent in that troubled era.


The unique experience of hot air ballooning is essentially a rather elegant, eccentric adventure. Hover at treetop height and wave to local farmers as you go, or soar high among the clouds to experience the 720-degree wrap-around panorama of the Magalies River Valley. Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine, lazily drifting on the wind on a fascinating flight over the beautiful countryside and return to the well-appointed riverside country base where the staff has prepared a hearty breakfast


Within the Sterkfontein Caves, scientists have discovered many hominid and other animal fossils, dating back more than 4-million years, to the birth of humanity. The most famous of these fossils are “Mrs Ples”, a 2.1-million-year-old Australopithecus skull, and “Little Foot”, an almost complete Austra-lopithecus skeleton that is more than 3-million years old. These fossils, both found in the Sterkfontein Caves in the Cradle of Humankind. A perfectly calm underground lake at a depth of 40 metres can be seen


This tour takes you through the streets of So-we-to (South Western Townships) and its adjoining suburbs. Experience all the turmoil of this city during the “apartheid” years. The early house of Mr. Mandela (which is now the Mandela Family Museum), will be visited, as well as a shebeen (typical tavern) and the Regina Mundi Catholic Church the largest Catholic Cathedral in the Southern Hemisphere (1 600 square meters). Here one of the few Black Madonna’s in the world can be seen. This was also the venue for many illegal meetings in the “old” South Africa.


Only a short drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria situated in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, is the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve. With over 600 head of game, this is the perfect setting for admiring nature on your doorstep. More than thirty species of game, including three of the big five, can be viewed from open vehicles in the presence of an experienced registered guide. These include Lion, Rhino, Cheetah Wild Dogs, Buffalo and a more than 20 species of antelope. It houses a nursery/den for all young endangered and orphaned animals. This allows you to have your photograph taken while playing with the lion cubs.


The city tour of Pretoria starts at the Voortrekker Monument, where the history of the early white pioneers in the interior of the country is depicted on marble friezes. We continue our journey through history and visit the Kruger House Museum, Church Square with the old Parliament building, the Palace of Justice and Paul Kruger’s statue.


The Lion Park is a truly unique venue. Play and have your photo taken with various cubs (if available) in an enclosed area – definitely a memorable experience. The park is not intended to be a game reserve, nor does it fall within the definition of a zoo. The idea is to have indigenous animals moving around as freely as possible in a natural environment, with visitors being able to come as close to them as possible, affording one the opportunity to view and photograph them at close quarters from the comfort an enclosed game viewing vehicle


Lesedi and its cultural experience of old and new Africa was co-founded by African explorer, Kingsley Holgate, who is renowned for his vast knowledge and passion for keeping the traditional African culture alive. He has ensured that every attraction to be found at Lesedi is not only fascinating, but enriching. Enjoy Tribal Dancing & Singing and experience a taste our traditional cuisine & beer.


The elephant sanctuary, nestled in pristine, unspoiled bush and is home to five African Elephants. The focus is on education through interaction, so you will not only learn a lot about elephants, but also get to touch, feel, feed, walk trunk-in-hand and even ride these magnificent animals. The program is an exciting, education-oriented, hosted and guided by experienced guides.


The De Wildt cheetah centre in South Africa was established in 1971, initially as a cheetah breeding project and the Centre has during the past 40 years bred over 800 cheetah cubs. Various conservation projects have been initiated since its inception which also includes a successful African wild dog breeding program


Experience a surface tour of the World Famous Cullinan Diamond mine and watch a video on the diamond industry in South Africa. We also visit the state of art diamond-cutting factory, where you can buy diamonds and jewelry direct from the source at the best possible prices.